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02-02-2007, 21:23
02.02.2007 Voipbuster launches Voipbuster Pro!

London, February 2, 2007,

Dear customer,
Voipbuster doesn\'t wait untill Skype launches its "Pro" service.No, we already came up with a far more better deal!

What makes Voipbuster Pro better?
1) The price: with Skype pro 24 euro, with Voipbuster you only pay 10 euro for a year unlimited calling!!

2) You can only use Skype Pro for calls within a country, with Voipbuster Pro you can use it for both national AND international calls!

3) With Skype Pro you can only subscribe for 1 country, with Voipbuster Pro you can subscribe and use your account for 44 countries of unlimited calling!

4) Skype Pro is only available for only 25 countries, Voipbuster Pro is avaible for the same 25 countries + 19 more!!

www.voipbusterpro.com (http://www.voipbusterpro.com)

03-02-2007, 12:49
c' anche lo scatto di 3.9 cent.
cmq, ottima offerta...