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20-02-2007, 21:47
Buonasera ragazzi!
Dovrei fare un relazioncina di una paginetta sulla metro di berlino... Ho trovato solo roba in tetesco.. :dh:
Mi date una manina??

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20-02-2007, 21:56
Originariamente inviato da rrobalzi
gi cercato pi o meno con google ma con scarsi risultati..

20-02-2007, 22:41
chi mi da una mano a tradurre questa pagina? http://www.bvg.de/index.php/de/Bvg/Index/folder/196/name/U-Bahn

21-02-2007, 08:35
ciao hai provato con wikipedia?

21-02-2007, 09:42
Originariamente inviato da CrAs}{
chi mi da una mano a tradurre questa pagina? http://www.bvg.de/index.php/de/Bvg/Index/folder/196/name/U-Bahn


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dal tedesco all'inglese.


The largest underground net of Germany
Berlin transporting enterprises

The citizens of Berlin underground is today one of the most modern subways in completely Europe and the largest connected suburban traffic net of this kind in Germany.

The citizens of Berlin underground convinces today as efficient and pollution free mass means of transport.

The nine underground lines reach together a length of 151.7 kilometers and connect 170 stations.

Daily the underground in Berlin is used of more than one million humans. On one year projected we transport 400 million passengers with the subway. That corresponds half of the entire transport achievements of the citizens of Berlin of transporting enterprises.

Numbers and facts

At each working-day the citizens of Berlin undergrounds put together 400,000 kilometers back. Those are 132 million kilometers per year. Or differently expressed: The citizens of Berlin undergrounds master the ninefold of the earth extent per day nearly.

The average cruising speed of the underground amounts to 30.7 kilometers per hour. In the rush hour the courses drive today in the three to five-minutes pulse.

By the way, you can telephone in our courses and from all citizen of Berlin underground yards into each portable radio nets. In addition you have to load the possibility to allFederal Constitutional Court automat your mobile phone.

Mobility assistance

If you drive with the underground, then you consider please the notices. Obstruct-fair and friendly lines are marked by the wheelchair user symbol.

If you drive with the underground, then you consider please the station information. By 170 underground yards at present 62 stations with elevators or over stationary ramps are attainable. If you should be uncertain with the in and door into the course, signal please at the Bahnhsteiganfang to the platoon leader the travel desire. It will then set a ramp on the course, so that it the course to drive on surely and can leave.

Further information finds you in the mobility overview.

_(Hinweis on a cross reference). Mobility assistance

We make you mobile. The meant naturally also that we arrange our stations and vehicles barrier-free and conditionally barrier-free.
Branch mark to the main contentBranch mark for driving information Emergency call and information columns

On all platforms of the underground you find obstruct-fair emergency call and information columns.