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28-08-2007, 13:17
Non sono riuscito a risolvere il dilemma sottocitato. Qualcuno ci riesce?

There is an island with 10 inhabitants. One day a monster comes and says that he intends to eat every one of them but will give them a chance to survive in the following way:
In the morning, the monster will line up all the people - single file so that the last person sees the remaining 9, the next person sees the remaining 8, and so on until the first person that obviously sees no one in front of himself. The monster will then place black or white hats on their heads randomly (they can be all white, all black or any combination thereof).
The monster will offer each person starting with the last one (who sees everyone else's hats) to guess the colour of his/her own hat. The answer can only be one word: "white" or "black". The monster will eat him on the spot if he guessed wrong, and will leave him alive if he guessed right. All the remaining people will hear both the guess and the outcome of the guess. The monster will then go on to the next to last person (who only sees 8 people), and so on until the end.
The monster gives them the whole night to think.

The Task:
Devise the optimal strategy that these poor natives could use to maximize their survival rate.

1) All the 10 people can easily understand your strategy, and will execute it with perfect precision.
2) If the monster suspects that any of the people are giving away information to any of the remaining team members by intonation of words when answering, or any other signs, or by touch, he will eat everyone.
3) The only allowed response is a short, unemotional "white" or "black".
4) Having said that, I will add that you can put any value you like into each of these words. For example, "white" can mean "my mother did my laundry" and "black" can mean the guy in front of me is wearing a black hat.

28-08-2007, 13:26
gia' sarebbe un casino in italiano figuriamoci in inglese :jam:

28-08-2007, 16:33
Originariamente inviato da tremalnaik_sal
gia' sarebbe un casino in italiano figuriamoci in inglese :jam:

il bello e' quello. se no so buoni tutti... ;-)

28-08-2007, 16:45
stato il maggiordomo con le armi di distruzione di massa

28-08-2007, 16:57
la combinazione migliore che quelli pari (10, 8, 6...) dicano il colore di quello davanti, e che quelli dispari dicano il proprio

cos 5 sicuri sopravvissuti, gli altri a culo


29-08-2007, 09:26
secondo me non c'e' una soluzione pareto ottimale...