Visualizza la versione completa : un videogioco per diffondere la xenofobia in svizzera

03-11-2007, 21:52



Game 1: Stop Abusive Naturalization Protect the Swiss against foreign overpopulation by intercepting as many passports as possible, which the Leftists and Greens irresponsibly distribute. Catch the passports before they fall into the wrong hands. Steer Zottel left and right with the arrow keys. Use the spacebar to kick aside the judge.

Game 2: Stop Criminal Foreigners
Eject black sheep that represent foreign criminals
Return the black sheep back where they came from. Control Zottel with the mouse. Move quickly and click the mouse to eject the black sheep and buses full of sheep back across the border. Don't touch the white sheep please!"

Game 3: End EU Taxation
The EU wants more power, influence, and money. This is why it wants to impose its fiscal regime on Switzerland.
Shoot the hats off the EU taxmen before they can plunder our reserves. Move the sight with the mouse and clock to shoot. Shoot the bags of money before it makes it to the EU. Stop the taxmen!

Game 4: Suppress Increasing Governmental Shenanigans
Collect the radar stations placed around the country. The Greens complicate matters by imposing speed limits. Advance against the Greens to engage them in combat. Use the arrow keys to move Zottel.

che dire... menomale che i leghisti non hanno il pollice opponibile altrimenti anche noi saremmo invsi da questa robaccia per educare i bambini :dottò:

04-11-2007, 01:10
Poi qualcuno criticava Wsim quando diceva che questo è un partito nazista... :rollo: