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23-02-2008, 21:55
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When Chuck Norris is in a really tough jam he asks himself, “What would Barack Obama do?”
Barack Obama is so cool, he'll single-handedly reverse global warming.
Most people's shit doesn't smell better than anyone else's. Barack Obama's does.
Every time Barack Obama smiles, a corporate lobbyist gets indicted.
Barack Obama eats cornflakes with a side of magic for breakfast.
Barack Obama is twice the flavor with half the calories.
Barack Obama has the ghosts of JFK, Ghandi, and Jesus on Ouija-board speed-dial.
Barack Obama warms in the winter and stays cool in the summer.
Rush Limbaugh secretly has the “Yes We Can” video favorited on his YouTube account.
Your dog likes Barack Obama better than you.
Your mom likes Barack Obama better than you.
You like Barack Obama better than you.
When he's president Barack Obama will make it illegal for people to talk at the cinema.
Barack Obama guides ships to safety on dark and stormy nights.
The Force is with Barack Obama.