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06-09-2004, 23:26
* *
* speedtouchconf.sh by Steve Parker *
* *
* http://speedtouchconf.sourceforge.net/ *
* based on speedtouch.sourceforge.net project *
* *

If you have any problems with this script, mail me
(steve at steve-parker dot org) with the files
/tmp/speedtouch.txt and /var/log/messages for diagnosis.
Using speedtouch-1.3-sgp
The kernel speedtch module is loaded. This is not
compatible with the speedtouch usermode driver.
Removing the speedtch module
microcode is rev4fw.zip
PPP version 2.4.2 okay.
Linux kernel version 2.6.4 okay.
* *
* Please select your ISP Settings *
* *

Belgium, ? 8 35
Denmark, Orang 8 35
France, wanado 8 35
France, ? 8 67
Italy, ? 8 35
Netherlands, ? 8 48
Netherlands 0 35
Poland (NeoStrada) 0 35
UK, Any 0 38
US, BellSouth 8 35
Singapore Pacificnet 0 100
Please type your VPI VCI numbers (eg, 0 38 for UK)
8 35
Please enter your ISP Login ID (eg another@hg1.btinternet.com)
Please enter your ISP Password
VPI / VCI : 8 / 35
Login : nomeutente
Password : password
Are these correct? (Y/N)
No further user interaction is required.
Configuring SpeedTouch Driver...
Software Configuration - SUCCESS
Building SpeedTouch Driver...
Software Build - SUCCESS
Installing SpeedTouch Driver...
Software Installation - SUCCESS
Creating ppp files in //etc/ppp
FATAL: Module usb_uhci not found.

*** Configuration finished. Starting the connection ***

The modem lights should start flashing for approx. 20 seconds...
The lights should both be solid green now.
Running : pppd call adsl
inet addr: P-t-P: Mask:
Looks like we're online...
Hey look, I can see the Net from here!
Configuration finished.
Any potential problems are listed below:
To automatically dial-in when the PC boots up :
chkconfig speedtouch on
Do you want to set this up now? (Yes / No)
init command succeeded
You are now connected. There is no need to run this
speedtouchconf.sh script again.
linux:/speedtouchconf-12-08-2004 #


allora...il problema sulla prima parte in grassetto:
forse i driver nn sono fatti x le versioni 2.6 del kernel?..

seconda parte in grassetto... :rollo:
ho risposto "si" ma...cosa fa??al boot parte tutto in automatico??qualcuno ke ha gi provato?!..


06-09-2004, 23:32
IL modulo speedtouch gi presente nel kernel della serie 2.6

06-09-2004, 23:36
si..ma necessita sempre dei driver per poter far andare il modem...cmq credo ke il problema del mancato caricamento del modelo usb_uhci dovuto alla versione del kernel..nel 2.4 cs ma nel 2.6 dovrebbe essere diverso...

06-09-2004, 23:38
Probabile che quel pacchetto prova a lanciare usb_uhci come modulo mentre magari tu l'hai compilato come built-in