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    Kali al posto di Ubuntu

    Ciao a tutti e bentrovati,
    sul mio pc ho in dual boot Windows 11 e Ubuntu 22.04. Ho tentato di sostituire Ubuntu con Kali Linux, ma non ci sono riuscito. Potete indicarmi una guida passo passo?

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    To replace Ubuntu with Kali Linux in a dual-boot setup with Windows 11, you can follow these general steps:

    1. Backup Data: Make a backup of the important data from your partition of Ubuntu before making any changes.

    2. Create Kali Linux Bootable USB: Download Kali Linux ISO and work with Rufus for the creation of a bootable USB key.

    3. Boot from USB: Restart your PC put the Kali Linux USB drive into the USB port and boot from it. You will likely have to alter your BIOS settings and change the boot order.

    4. Start Kali Installation: Being sure to select the 'Install' option from the Kali boot menu will start the installation process.

    5. Partitioning: During installation, when prompted for drive partitioning, select the 'Manual' option. Search for the Ubuntu partition (most likely, ext4) and after that delete it, and then create a partition for Kali Linux.

    6. Install Kali: The on-screen instruction for completion of the installation of the Kali Linux on the new partition.

    7. Update GRUB: Updating GRUB after installation will also help you select your desired OS between Windows 11 and Kali Linux at the startup.

    For further information, you can check online resources where they show you step-by-step procedures. Please note that the performance of the partitions and operating system installation is complex and risky so ensure you backup frequently and with caution.

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